4 possible extra-secret US government projects on aliens: Aquarius, Sigma, Snowbird and Pounce

In 1983, researcher William Moore, who had established a very high number of contacts in the US Intelligence Community since 1978 (including Richard Doty), received a phone call. It was communicated in this way that some information could be provided to him, provided he came to pick them up personally. “You will receive instructions,” the interlocutor told him. “You will follow them in the same way or break the understanding.”

The instructions were twisted, involving telephone-based directives at various airports. Bill crossed the United States entirely from Arizona. Finally arriving at a motel in northern New York, Bill was given the indication to be ready for five o’clock in the afternoon. Exactly at the appointed time an individual appeared with a brown envelope, sealed in his hand. “You have exactly nineteen minutes,” the man told her. “You can do whatever you want with the material at this time, but after the time has elapsed, you have to return my documents. Then you are free to do what you want. ”

Inside the envelope were eleven pages, representing a “TOP SECRET / ORCON” document entitled “Executive Information. Subject: Project Aquarius “and dated June 14, 1977. Bill asked if he could photograph the document and read it aloud for recording on the tape recorder. “You are both allowed,” the courier replied. “You have 17 minutes left”.

Bill arranged a document lamp and photographed each page, placing a 25-cent coin in the bottom left corner of each for reference, and then read aloud (including punctuation) the text for his recorder, in case that the photos were not going well. (The pictures really came out, but unfortunately all of them have low contrast and some are not properly focused) When the time has passed, the courier has gathered and counted the sheets he put back in his original envelope.

The document appears to be the transcription of notes, either to prepare a briefing for US President Jimmy Carter, or to be recorded during a meeting to be later beaten to the car. Bill tends to believe that the material contains some important elements of truth, but it has probably been revealed to him with the intention of misinformation.

Here are some supposed secret US government projects on extraterrestrials:

PROJECT AQUARIUS. It contains 16 volumes of documentary information from the beginning of the UFO and Identified Alien Craft (IAC) analysis. The project was launched in 1953, through an order of President Eisenhower, under the control of the MJ-12. The purpose of the Aquarius project was to gather all scientific, technical, medical and intelligence information from UFO and IAC appearances and contacts with alien life forms.

SIGMA PROJECT. Originally launched in 1954 as part of a larger project, it became an independent project in 1976. Its mission was to establish communication with aliens. The project was a real success when, in 1959, the United States established rudimentary communications with aliens. On April 25, 1964, an USAF intelligence officer met, following a pre-established arrangement, with two aliens in the New Mexico desert. The contact lasted almost three hours. Based on the alien’s language, an aviation officer managed to exchange fundamental information with the two. The project is underway at a New Mexico Air Force base.

SNOWBIRD PROJECT. His mission was to execute flight tests with a retrieved extraterrestrial ship. The project continues in Nevada.

PROJECT POUNCE. His mission was to evaluate all UFO data related to space technology.

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