8 Conspiracy theories about the end of the world

The end of the world has caused the fear of many people, because it means the end of all that exists.

The details of how and when exactly happens will remain uncertain, but there has never been a lack of theories about these scenarios.
Below we present the most popular and commented theories over the time, struggled and affirmed by both scientists and different religions as well as by ordinary people like us:


The theories of alien attack claim that they could come in peace or with a clearly established goal, namely to destroy human civilization. There have been films based on these theories that put the world into an apocalyptic scenario in which we must defend our planet or accept our end.

Stephen Hawking has warned us about the dangers of computer technology that is advancing incredibly fast. At a conference, the renowned scientist said artificial intelligence could dominate the world with intelligent machines that could destroy its creators.


Before the second coming of Jesus, the words of Saint John will be fulfilled, as it is written in Revelation, chapter 8, after the opening of the seventh seal: “hail and fire will mingle,” we can say that it is about asteroids and will be thrown to the ground, there will be volcanic eruptions, the sea will turn into blood and a big star will destroy destroying a third of the planet’s waters; “The sun, the moon and the stars will darken”; “Another star will be the person who holds the key of the bottomless pit”; “Earthquakes and other calamities will unleash the earth”; “Before the God descends, three days of total darkness will encompass the earth.” That’s is theory like most people think …

While the explosion of massive objects such as stars could destroy the earth, microscopic pathogens can also spread terror on our planet. The outbreak of the 1912 flu is responsible for more deaths than World War I. If a deadly virus would appear in the present, the thing that scientists say is very likely, it would spread more quickly by infecting and killing a lot of people considering the ways we transport today.


Apart from Earth’s apocalypse, the Sun will also come to an end, in which case it will not produce enough heat to maintain the balance of the planet. In this scenario, temperatures will fall below 0 degrees, and this will not only happen in cold countries but also in tropical countries. Plants and animals will die, and soon people will follow them.

In the winter solstice of 2012, all planets aligned with each other, forming a right line from Sun to Neptune. Since the sequences of these planets are placed in this way, the gravitational force is increasing, drawing a huge black hole in the center of the galaxy. The black hole consumes all life that comes close to it, including our planet that would be inspired in a vacuum of interstellar proportions. Although for the supporters of this theory the danger of 2012 has passed, they remain still with emotions for the following planetary alignments.


Betelgeuse is known to be one of the largest stars in the Universe with more than 300 million km in diameter. When compared to the sun, it makes it look like a grain of sand. Imagine how this star would look like the supernova being dying and exploding in space … At the moment it was 640 light years away from us, but his explosion would create such an impact that it would affect everything in his path, including our solar system, all its scattered matter, asteroids and other heavenly bodies would be projected in the direction of the earth.


There have been reports showing that because of global warming and climate change resulting from the thin ozone layer, glaciers from the north and south poles melt each day. This would increase the water level, scientists have noticed how some cities in the world are sinking slowly. There would also be a massive earthquake that could trigger a huge wave based on increasing the mass of water, drowning entire nations, cities and countries.

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