About Lucid Dreaming and How To

The lucid dream is a special form of consciousness in which we are aware that we dream and continue our dream without waking up. Although physiologically there are no significant changes to sleep with a common dream due to important changes in the field of consciousness, this is why this type of dream is considered to be another form of consciousness, or even a mystical experience.

The history of lucid dream research

In antiquity people considered that dreams are used to magical attributes. They believed that they could communicate with the gods, and most of the time they became sacred messages or even advice for a better approach to each of Earth’s mission. The Greeks and Romans had noticed the semantic dimension of dreams. They knew how to decipher their meaning, including sexual symbolism.

In the Middle Ages mentality has changed, the study of dreams being described as witchcraft. Only in 20th century many authors began to relive their dreams and develop new theories of their interpretation.

The first scientific studies on the possibility of lucid stay during the dream were extensively presented by the Dutch doctor Frederick van Eeden in 1913, referring to 14 years of personal experience in lucid dreams and analyzing 352 of them. He also introduced the term “lucid dream” to mean “mental clarity” during a dream.

When does lucidity occur during the dream?

During dream, lucidity usually occurs when the “visitor” notices an event that is unlikely to occur during a dream, such as flight or death.

How to Have Your First Lucid Dream

In order to get lucid dreams, it is necessary to know and follow through the following six basic steps:

1) Mental Training
2) Reminders of dreams
3) The Dreams Journal
4) Familiarize yourself with your own dreams
5) Extending consciousness in all states and tests of “reality”
6) Correlation of consciousness with dreams

The method I’m introducing to you is known as WILD (wake initiated lucid dreaming) and has 7 stages. It’s one of the strongest ways to have a lucid dream or to get it astral.

1. This method works best after a good night’s sleep of 6-10 hours. So before you start the process, you need to be completely awake and not sleepy.
2. From the opinions I have read on this subject, most of those who are trying to worry about sleep paralysis (which occurs every night just because we are not aware of it) or hallucinations. Well, you will not even get close to lucid dream or hallucinations if you’re scared. The only important rule is not to be afraid at all, (I have never succeeded every time I was afraid) and to be very determined to achieve the goal. You alone can create without wanting hallucinations until you completely understand that everything is just in your mind.
3. Once you are ready to dream lucid, lie in bed in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and relax. Visualize mentally every part of the body as it relaxes to the point where you will not feel your body anymore.
4. Because you have had a deep sleep of 6-10 hours already, you will not fall asleep quickly. Take advantage of this and then focus on breathing or heartbeat. Do not let your thoughts influence you, keep your calm and focus.
5. After 15-30 minutes, you will end up in the stage where you will not be able to feel your body, you could also see light flashes or even geometric shapes. We focus or interact with each other.
6. Soon, these shapes will oscillate between images and geometric figures. It is very easy to fall asleep and become unconscious of sleep, like every evening. Again, do not interact or focus on the image / objects, let them form and pass.
7. If you have been able to be aware of the process to this point, you will see a three-dimensional scene as it slowly forms and begins to grasp vivid colors to become real. Now all you have to do is “walk” in that frame to imagine you are there and … you will be!

Anyone can have lucid dreams?

Yes, everyone can have lucid dreams. But there are people who have natural abilities to remember dreams. They can make it much easier to become lucky dreamers than those who rarely remember dreams.
And keep in mind, do not get in too much, because they are dreams and they are not related to reality. Have fun!

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