Are we alone in the universe?

It is known that the Universe is in a continuous expansion and in reality it is so vast that it can only be observed a small portion of it. So when we think of billions of stars with their own solar system, we wonder if we are alone in the universe, and if not, where can we meet those alien beings?

Drake Equation

Drake’s equation is a mathematical equation that aims to approximate the number of extraterrestrial civilizations that theoretically could meet in the Milky Way. It seems complicated, but in reality it is a much easier calculation, it simply takes into account certain estimated values, for example the rate at which stars are formed. How many of them are similar to the Sun with their own Solar System? And how many planets in that system are in the living area? A condition that must be fulfilled for the planet to contain liquid water and, implicitly, life. After estimates have been made, it appears that around 1,100 million civilizations can now be in the Milky Way.

Fermi’s paradox emerged in the 50s when physicist Enrico Fermi asked the same question “Where is everyone?” Well, he made his calculations and said that since we had no direct contact with aliens So far, we have received at least some satellites or technologies sent by them to study, considering that the Universe was born billions of years ago, and that’s where the paradox is. Although statistics confirm that the universe contains other creatures, we still can not identify anyone. What seems to be a paradoxical situation may be simply a misunderstanding, explained by one of the following theories:

– For starters, man has not yet created sufficient satellites for the radio waves to reach other possible planets in the area, so even at a very small distance the waves could not be differentiated from the cosmos’s noise;

– Another important factor is the time, because at the beginning of the Universe the calamities at the level of total extinction had somewhat of a place, so any civilization that would appear was extended before it developed. The earth has gone through at least 5 such events and will probably experience others in the future;

– The Great Filtrer theory, assumed by Robin Hanson in 1966, describes steps that a civilization has to accomplish by the galaxy. The first step is the positioning that must be in the living area as mentioned earlier; On the second stage we have the reproduction of the molecules that later lead to the emergence of simple and complex cell life, then the multicellular life followed by its development in animals with large brain and can be used by various utensils, then the intelligent modern man, the level at which the earth is At the present time, and the explosion of colonies that represent the repopulation of other planets, and is on the last stage of this progressive scale of the emergence of a new civilization.

There are many other theories that explain why Fermi’s paradox is not actually a paradox and that could be the reasons why we can not interact with other life instances. Among these theories are the Matrix, the possibility that we can live in a simulation, or the conception that no breed of life will reach the colonization of the neighboring planets because we are self-propelled by nuclear weapons, the corruption of experimental diseases, and much more . Or maybe our perception is wrong and they are already here for us, communicating with various governments, certain chosen people. There is a chance that Terra will be a simple zoo coordinated by unimaginable powers that let us develop naturally, with the false impression of supremacy and intelligence, when we are actually monotorized and simply simple guinea pigs.

These proposals are increasingly vague and in finally, we can ask the question, “What would be if we are to be alone?”

And that’s why nobody contacts us because the one we’re expecting, not even does not exist.

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