Do aliens know the real name of God?

The reason I consider this a paradoxical question is because “name” is a human concept that may not apply either in the spirit realm, where deities are presumably found, or in some or many alien cultures.

We speak with vibrations in an air medium, formed by mouths, tongues, and vocal chords. A non-corporeal being (a spirit, in other words) does not have any of those organs. It doesn’t have ears to hear the words either. It lives in an alternate dimension, plane, sphere, or whatever you choose to call it, and since it has no physical or material existence, it’s safe to say there’s no air over there.

Now we get to the logical absurdity. Nearly all humans portray their gods as large, stately or beautiful humans, mostly males. The trouble with this, again, is that it is a paradox. A human male is a material-plane animal with masculine genitalia, which is used to propagate the species through biological reproduction. Spirit, if it reproduces at all, would not require male genitals, so why do humans show their gods possessing them? Spirit has no need of gender because gender is a reproductive strategy on the material plane.

I am not trying to be difficult, but rather to highlight a problem that is difficult. I have often heard that fish do not know what water is, because they live in it and don’t know it’s there.

Humans are the same regarding what Spirit must “be like,” because all the living entities we know of are animals on the material plane.

So what is the true name of God? Depends which god, there are thousands. No, I’m not playing dumb, I know the one you mean – the God of the three big monotheistic religions. However, I do not grant that Christianity, Islam, or Judaism is “the true religion,” or that any other religion is, for that matter.

I think the rational assumption would be that all religions are equal for all practical purposes, in that none can prove their own rightness or the others’ wrongness, except by making the assertion that their own is the right one.

So we are talking about the true name of thousands of gods. And while humans come up with names for them, do the gods even have names for themselves? I consider it likely that psychic beings living in an airless (and therefore soundless) energy medium do not use sound vibrations at all to communicate. They have no names; or if they do, those names require perceptions or organs that humans, and other material-plane species, don’t even possess.

You are asking a person who cannot hear radar what her favourite radar frequency is. You are asking a toad to give your or my true croak, when in fact, you and I do not croak. You are asking a crater on the moon what its true favourite Gilbert and Sullivan operetta is, when it has no ears and lives where there is no air, and it has no concept equivalent to an operetta.

If an infinite god had an identifier, it might be as complex as all the books and music on Earth; after all, it is dealing with other eternal and infinite beings (gods, angels, etc.) No human or alien could compass the entire thing. Assuming. that is, that psychic communication would even require identifiers (names.)

I am sorry not to be able to give an easy answer. But I do hope you have some basis now to consider how incredibly little we would have in common with eternal energy beings on a different plane with a different phyics altogether. That is to say, with God in Heaven, and “His” angels. How ’bout them wings, eh?

What we do have in common, I believe, is an ingredient that would be the key component of any eternal, indestructible being. Fear is the basic emotion of our animal existence; however, there is no need for fear in the Spirit realm. The basic emotion of a god, an angel, or a human soul, would be unconditional love. There would be no basis for fear or its related ignoble relatives, such as anger, envy, or greed – not in an existence where you possess nothing, need nothing, and have everything.

You’ll know God not by a name when you get there, but by the presence of an overwhelming and unconditional love. No matter our religion or lack thereof, we might as well start practicing now. Love is a lifestyle, a philosophy, a decision, a religion – love is God.

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