Historical decision: The United States of America is making its SPATIAL ARMY until 2019

Historical moments have taken place behind closed doors during the United States House of Representatives meeting, responsible for funding and oversight of the DOD and the US Armed Forces. The Commission has decided to set up a new military structure under the name of Space Corps, a space army, by January 20, 20 under the command of the US Air Force.

The historic decision makes the United States the only nation on the planet Earth that makes an army dedicated exclusively to outer space. Why? We do not know exactly. According to Fox News, the proposal came from Congressmen Mike Rogers, R-Ala and Jim Cooper. D-Tenn, the top representatives of the Strategic Forces Subcommittee, overseeing the military operations of space.

Martha McSally (R-Ariz.), US Air Force Reserve Colonel, told Federal Radio News: “It is sincere for the first time that we hear about a major reorganization of our air forces. It is a shocking way to hear about a very important reorganization of our army, and I think this decision deserves at least a few high-level hearings and discussions. The Air Force already has a space dedicated to space activities, but if this new legislation passes the Senate and will be signed by the president, we will have a separate military service responsible for space programs. “

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