How to get rid of a headache in 5 minutes using a very simple technique

One of the most common conditions is headache – but it is also one of the easiest to remove with the help of the colors. Most headaches are triggered by excessive stimulation of the chakra or chakra of the crest, which causes a “inflammation” condition. Most of the time, cooling the two energy centers helps relieve suffering.

Any form of energy follows the thought. While we focus on a particular color, the signal is sent to the projected energy of the palms. The color we focus on determines the vibration level of the energy we are projecting. In this way we use our palms to cure or alleviate various affections by a simple touch.

For this exercise, we will use ethereal touch and a shade of pale blue, cool or a blue-green combination. For more intense pains, such as migraines, indigo may be particularly effective. Take a short relaxation exercise. Take a rhythmic breath, slowly and quietly. As you breathe in, you feel how the universal blue energy will penetrate into the body and accumulate in your palms.

The person you want to alleviate the headaches needs to sit in front of you. Tell it to close her eyes and relax. Put your palms at a distance of 5-8 cm from the forehead and its head. Continue to breathe rhythmically. As you exhale, visualize and feel the energy of a cool blue emanating from your palms. You see how this energy envelops and penetrates the head of the person, calming them and balancing their pain. Sometimes, the process becomes more effective if you visualize blue as a colored aspirin.

You might as well lay your palms on the sides of your head, as energy-blockages can often occur in the area of the samples, which aggravate headaches. Continue for 3-5 minutes (rarely you will need more time to get visible results).

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