Human is what he thinks he is

If you want to understand how to emit thoughts without being aware of this, stop right now from reading, close your eyes and try not to make any thoughts for ten seconds.

If your thoughts come despite your decision to stop them, you will understand that they come into your life without you being aware of them. If your mind refuses to listen to you and interrupt your thoughts for ten seconds, can you imagine how many unconscious thoughts will pass through it in just one day?

You can change this situation and control your mind. All you have to do for this purpose is to practice the interruption of the thought process for ten seconds. Soon you will find that you will be able to interrupt your thoughts for 10 seconds, then for 15 seconds, then 30 seconds, and so on, until you decide whether or not you want to think. The peace that you will know when you are the master of your mind is indescribable. In addition, you will also control the law of attraction. Imagine this!

If you think, “I need money,” you will continue to attract this correspondence vibration. If you want to get out of this vicious circle, you have to find a way to be happy now, to feel good NOW and enjoy yourself NOW, even if you do not have money. It starts from the premise that these are the feelings you would feel if you had money.
Money does not bring happiness, but happiness attracts money.

If you have enjoyed a perfect existence, where everything has gone impeccably, you are unlikely to want to change your life. The burning desire to change things in our lives is born as a result of seemingly “negative” things that happen to us.

This burning desire is like an intense flame or as a magnet and is extraordinarily strong.
Be grateful for the events that have kindled this flame, that burning desire, as this flame of your desire will give you strength and firmness, and you will change your life.

Every word you speak has a certain frequency. The vibration that corresponds to them influences the whole Universe even when you have spoken the word. Law of attraction reacts to this vibration, so implicitly to all your words. When you use words with great impact, such as “terrible,” “shocking,” or “horrible,” to describe a situation in your life, you transmit to the Universe a corresponding message, and the law of attraction brings back that vibration.

The law is impersonal and does nothing but react to the frequency you emit. Now, do you understand how important it is to specify exactly what you want and not to use words with a great impact that describe what you don’t want?

Get used to feeling like you’ve already got what you want and focus on this feeling. You will find that you feel extraordinarily well. The more you focus on this feeling, the stronger it will become. You will begin to feel that you have already achieved what you want. When you have this perception, the law of attraction will react automatically.

Remember: the law never fails, so it will not be wrong for you.

You remember the time of childhood, when you imagined all sorts of things, how long were these mental images alive? Just the same thing you need to do now, whenever you want something new in your life. Pretend to yourself that you have already achieved what you have proposed. For example, if you want new friends, pretend to yourself that you have the best friends in the world.

The moment you begin to live more in imagination, considering you have wonderful friends and forgetting the current reality, you will have wonderful friends.
This simple formula can be applied to all your wishes.

“Human is what he thinks he is.”
ANTON CEHOV (1860 – 1904)

Your progress in mastering the law of attraction is based on learning and then practicing what works best for you.
Every new day in your life reflects exactly what you have thought up to now through the events that it brings to you. Your whole world is like a movie that shows you where you are heading. You are not alone, but you are always receiving feedback. Learn to use it. Notice what’s happening to you and ask yourself how you attracted this reality to you.
Know yourself, and thus you will become a master of the law of attraction.

Our natural state of mind is joy. Man needs a lot of energy to emit negative thoughts, to say negative words and to feel miserable. Positive thoughts, beautiful words, and good actions are an infinitely easier way.

Follow this path.

The ancient wisdom, who lived thousands of years ago, left us with the great truth about gratitude. All religions in the world talk about the importance of this feeling. All the sages and all the saints in the world have insisted in their teachings on gratitude. The greatest human beings who have ever lived on Earth have illustrated with their own lives a life of gratitude. By their example, they have become the headlights for all generations that followed.
That’s why Einstein used to repeat hundreds of times a day: “Thanks!”

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