The MK-Ultra Project

MK-Ultra is considered to be a clandestine CIA program for mind control. It is supposed to have been released in the early 1950s and is based on works by some Nazi scientists who secretly slipped into the US after the Second World War; it seems that experiments have been carried out since then on citizens without their knowledge.

Ultra Draft – Wake up Side

It was believed that the MK-Ultra program was set up by CLA in 1953, in response to the mind control techniques used on American prisoners in the hands of the Chinese, North Koreans and the Soviets. The US government also wanted to explore the possibility of controlling foreign leaders by using mind control. It is said that one of the first targets was Cuban leader Fidel Castro.

MK-Ultra Draft 2 – Wake up Side

It is supposed that the project was inspired by research conducted by Nazi experts on torture and brainwashing unofficially in the US following the Nierenberg process of 1945. This research has contributed to the progress of studies on behavioral changes, studies under various pretexts including the Chatter project and the Artichoke project, before they are given a new name for the experiments: MK-Ultra.
The name is a combination of the term used by the CLA to describe the most secret classification of information from the spy of the Second World War (Ultra) and the prefix used by the Agency’s Technical Services Division (MK).

The main means by which the CIA is supposed to attempt to control the minds of the subjects was the administration of drugs. LSD was preferred at the beginning of the program and was originally administered to so-called volunteers before attempting to ignore the guinea pigs. but unpredictable results have forced researchers to give up this substance. Heroin, morphine, temazepam, mescaline, and cannabis were also used. Another form of control that was applied was hypnosis.

It is believed that the soldiers were subjected to intense experiments throughout the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s, using drugs to make them murderous, immune to torture and hard interrogation machines. It was speculated that the CIA was preparing assassins to whom a hypnotic trance could be induced, making them completely obey the command of the controller, but also incapable of remembering the acts committed. Some say the CIA used this method to eliminate John F. Kennedy and his brother, Robert.

MK-Ultra Draft 3 Dr. Sidney - Wake up Side
MK-Ultra Draft 3 Dr. Sidney – Wake up Side

Dr. Sidney Gottlieb approved an LSD experiment in the MK-Ultra project on June 9, 1953
The MK-Ultra project was first revealed in 1975 by the US Congress, following investigations by the Church Committee and the Rockefeller Commission. despite the investigations, there was too little information because of the CIA, more and more worried that its work could be made public, destroyed the files related to this program in 1973.

Many thought that this marked the end of the MK-Ultra project, but others think that it just went into the shadow and became an invisible CIA program. Why would he have turned the CIA behind a program in which he spent almost three decades and over $ 10 million to improve it?

One theory claims that this program was behind the mass suicide of the “People’s Temple” followers in Jonestown in 1978 when 918 people took their lives. Another claims that the program was behind John Hinckley’s attempt to assassinate US President Ronald Reagan in 1981, an assassination attempt fueled by CIA irritation because an actor took over the power at the White House. It is also said that Michael Jackson was under the influence of the MK-Ultra system and that his depigmentation and increasingly chaotic behavior were a consequence of the experiments he was subjected to by the CIA.

Others believe the CIA used MK-Ultra technology to control George W. Bush. His alcoholism gave the agency the perfect opportunity to apply its mind control techniques; his decision to move to abstinence provided a façade for experiential personality changes. His subsequent decision to become a Christian practitioner was part of this alleged conspiracy. The CIA has manipulated Bush throughout his term of office. Using the MK-Ultra program could explain why Bush hastened to involve the US in two wars where the chances of a victory were very low, but the probability of improving the country’s oil stocks was high.

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