Mysterious deaths

Peoples has always been fascinated by death, perhaps he remains the only certainty he has in life. The simple thought that someone might hurt another person is repellent, and when the fugitives remain unpunished, the trust in justice collapses.

In today’s article I present the most sinister dead in the immediate reality. I warn you that the events that follow in this article may affect you emotionally! Mysterious Deaths:


On January 15, 1947, the inexhaustible body of actress Elizabeth Short, aged 22, appeared on a street in Los Angeles, cut in two and emptied of blood. Because it was very pale, the one who discovered it initially thought it was just a plastic mannequin cut on the grass.

The cuts were made with surgical precision, not affecting any of the internal organs. The corners of his lips had been cut, so his mouth imitated a macabre smile. 9 days later, the authorities received an envelope containing a letter consisting of newspaper snippets, along with some of Elizabeth’s personal works, birth certificate, photographs, and an agenda that lacked pages. The envelope had been given with gas to keep no prints. In the following days, several letters were written, some of them handwritten, which seemed to come from the killer.

However, there was no evidence to prove authenticity.


Rachael Runyan was 3 years old on August 26, 1986, when he was kidnapped from the playground behind the house. The other children remember how a massive ¬†African-American man around the age of 30, who attracted Rachael with a chewing gum in his car. The girl’s mother was devastated and constantly prayed for a miracle, but the prayers were not heard.

Rachael was found 24 days later, naked, linked to hands and feet in a river in Morgan County. The body was in a disastrous condition, and at that time the cause of death could not be determined. Some speculation claims that Rachael was killed after a satanic ritual and that the entire operation had been filmed.


The “child out of the box” is the name given to one of the strangest unresolved crimes of the last century. The corpse was discovered in February 1957, on the outskirts of Philadelphia in America. He was wrapped in a blanket and stuffed in a cardboard box. The boy’s hair had been cut recently, probably after death, because there were pieces of it scattered around. There were severe signs of malnutrition, cicatrics in the knee and shoulder area, hunting on the face, and a “L” cut under the chin.

Even if 400,000 sketches were sent to the police station, the child’s identity and the case itself were left unchecked.


Gareth Williams was a 31-year-old mathematician working for the British MI6 espionage agency. He was found breathless in bare skin, packed in a sports bag in his bathroom bathtub in London. At that time, the Foreign Intelligence Service waited a while before announcing the absence of the spy.

Examination was performed 9 days after death. The doctor then said the victim suffocated, and then another person locked the bag and stored it in the bathroom. On the other hand, the Scotland Yard investigation concluded that Williams was alone at the time of death. In his apartment were found clothes, shoes, wigs, all worth thousands of euros, probably paid by MI6 for various missions. But how was it possible for the man to be locked in a bag by himself? The official conclusion gave birth to stories about the back truth still uncertain.

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