New Schwabenland, an impenetrable fortress

The existence of a German base in New Schwabenland, Antarctica, has been discussed for years. Many have thought this base is a myth that came to reinforce the force of the Third Reich. In reality, things were totally different.

In 1938, Germany allocated 3 million marks, a colossal amount, to carry out this project. Lufthansa is the main partner in delivering this great project.

The vessel used was called Schwabenland and could catapult an aircraft. The expedition was led by Captain Alfred Ritscher, a veteran of polar expeditions.

In order to ensure the success of this expedition, the Germans tried to propose the participation of Richard Byrd, an officer of the US Navy, who had participated in an expedition in Antarctica between 1928 and 1931.

Schwabenland left the port of Hamburg in December 1938. For Germany, the operation was a success. They mapped unexplored Antarctic areas, made over 8,000 photos and the most important thing, Germany has adjudged a vast area called New Schwabenland or Base 211.

Success did not leave indifferent to Americans. Between 1939-1941, he organized a new expedition under Byrd’s leadership.

In this race to occupy new territories, Argentina also occupies an important part of the Antarctic.
Since 1942, the United States and the United Kingdom have information on the existence of a German base in the Antarctic. More and more Nazi submarines are destined for Base 211.

Although they had information about the Antarctic Germany project, the US and the UK have not tried to stop it. It was not until 1946, after the surrender of Germany, that the two powers were interested in what was happening in Antarctica.

A South Pole commando – Operation Tabarin

In 1946, Norwegians helped by Norwegians prepared for a month a military group to reach Maudheim base, where abnormal activities were happening. The Maudheim base had a strategic position. It was located 200 miles from Base 211. The operation was called Tabarin.

Although they were very well trained, the soldiers who participated in the operation had a tragic end. In the early days, they discovered a tunnel they tried to search. Of the group of soldiers who entered the tunnel, only two returned.

In the last broadcasting message, the two talked about the discovery of a Nazi tunnel inside which polar people saw. As the two are desperate, the British decide to send a commando consisting of 30 elite soldiers to continue the operation.

Only three of the soldiers survived. They said they were attacked by polar people who killed 27 cold-blooded soldiers. At the end of the tunnel, they discovered a huge lake with a key for submarines, but also a hangar with planes they called strange. In the tunnel and in the hangar it was much explosive.

Hess, a crazy person with a lot of information

In 1941, Hess made a mad gesture. With the help of a plane, he arrives in Scotland and asks to be received by General Hamilton. Hess responded by foreign policy and was an active member of the Thule Society that handled the problems of Antarctica’s secret bases.

Of the 46 years of prisoners, the first four years were under British jurisdiction, many of the information considered to be secretly disclosed to the British. Although Hess died in 1987 at the age of 87, an alleged suicide, the documents on the information he provided are still classified, being considered state secrets.

Admiral Donitz, his last speech

In May 1945, the admiral was taken prisoner by the British. He was the commander of the Kriegsmarine and coordinated all Antarctic-based convoys.

Donitz said, ”We are proud that the German submarine fleet has managed to build a new country for the Fuhrer, an impenetrable fortress”. In July 1945, the New York Times published an article titled Antarctic Heaven.

It was said in the article that a German submarine, U Boat, arrived in Argentina from the Antarctic. The persons on board were released by the Argentinian authorities. Dozens of German submarines were reported missing after the war.

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