Oracol – the next generation of cryptocurrencies

After Bitcoin’s great success, Romania is also entering the game by the recent launch of Oracol Xor crypto currency. This type of currency is not issued by any bank, but by a virtual system well established with a complex and secure algorithm.Similar to Bitcoin the value of which increases and decreases according to demand.

Since the birth of blockchain technology, it has proven to be an easy-to-integrate platform for society as a whole, a fact that has emerged just by looking at many of today’s new applications around the world.

Investors and traders are currently experiencing all sorts of difficulties. Thus, a large number of companies want to introduce in their service acceptance of payments through cryptocurrencies. Most of the newly launched cryptos they just struggle with a weak architecture ( and big promises …), which makes most of them them useless.

Aware of these problems, our Romanian developers comes to the rescue by setting two main goals . The first is the decentralization of the monetary system, whereby the members of society can make free payments without having to abide by stinging policies. And the second “includes a social media platform that will make use of Oracol Xor crypto currency”.

A great plus “is that the project comes with a proprietary trading platform – Oracle Gateway,” says Adrian, which can be accessed by anyone and anytime without the need for knowledge in the field. Through it,in the near future, the virtual currency can be converted into real currency like euro, dollars, etc.

Also, the digital wallets in which cryptocurrency are kept are very secure and can not be accessed by cybercriminals. These are generated by an intelligent system that filters the fake applications from robots to real-world human-initiated applications.

Oracol money can be obtained through a mining process by which some computers connected to the platform resolve complex mathematical calculations. The more complex they are, the difficulty adjusta automatically and the miners have to join forces in larger numbers that as a result sends higher the value of the coin.

As a matter of fact, the project has several strengths, such as the community developed around it and the trasparency (both between the user creator and the fact that everything has been published open source on GitHub where a multitude of programmers and developers analyze the program) . In a short time, it managed to expand into several countries such as Spain, China, Italy and Russia.

For users to communicate more easily with each other, Orcaol staff has created a group on the Telegram and one on Facebook.

The concept person added that this local currency might have the chance to become as familiar as Bitcoin.

We have only words of praise for both the team and the back man who initiated and spurred the project. We are glad to learn that the Romanians also have a new vision intending to bring economic benefit both domestically and internationally.

More information can be found on the above-mentioned groups or on the official oracol.org web itseIf you want to keep up-to-date with the latest news about Oracol Xor.

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