Pineal Gland (Third Eye)

The mysterious problem of the third eye has been debated by mystics over time and has been considered to be the source of the highest inner vision. You would be surprised to find that the third eye actually exists.

It is a small gland in the brain, namely the pineal gland.

The pineal gland is located exactly in the geometric center of the brain. Interestingly, we can correlate with the exact location of the Great Antique Pyramid, which is placed in the center of our physical planet.

The pineal gland is the size of a pea berry and is placed in a small cavity behind and above the pituitary gland. It is located just behind the eyes and is linked to the third ventricle of the brain. And yes, this is real!

The true function of this mysterious gland has long been contemplated by philosophers and spiritual adepts. The ancient Greeks believed that the pineal gland is our connection to “The Reality of Thought”. The great philosopher Descartes called it “The Place of the Soul”.

The pineal gland has many features of the outer eye, including lenses. This gland contains a full map of the eye field.

The pineal gland works in direct harmony with the hypothalamus – which coordinates the reactions of thirst, hunger, sexuality, biological clock and the aging process.

The pineal gland secretes melatonin in relaxation and also responds to electromagnetic energy.

At a certain frequency of brain waves, such as the Theta waves, the sense of the ego boundary disappears. Our consciousness is at that time less concerned with the physical state.

According to many ancient traditions, this happens when the third eye begins to show special powers.

Although the presence of the pineal gland has been confirmed only recently, mystical traditions and esoteric schools have long felt that this portion of the brain is connected with alternative realities and higher levels of consciousness.

According to ancient traditions, when the pineal gland “awakens”, there is a pressure at the base of the brain. When the pineal gland is activated, it is believed that it becomes a direct line to higher states of consciousness.

Interestingly, the bones in the cranial box, immediately before the third eye, tend to become thinner in people who practice meditation for a long time or serious “seekers.”

“The staircase of Jacob”

“Jacob’s Staircase” is the symbolic representation of the spinal cord of the human being. The pineal gland is located in the center of our brain, in the “stair to Heaven” top that is the spinal cord. Hence the word “secret” from secretion.

The glands are secreting hormones – glands = chakras

The old Taoists have understood that the human organism can only exist if a continuous flow of qi (energy) feeds tissues and organs.

They realized that a person is healthy when the energy flowing in her body is in balance, but that she becomes vulnerable to disease as soon as her energy exhausts or falls.

Throughout the centuries, it became clear that the seven glands in the body were energy centers whose function was to regulate the flow of energy into the various systems of the human body.

What is Kundalini?

The word Kundalini derives from the Sanskrit word Kundal, which means coiled like a snake and that is why it was called the Serpent Power.


It is the primordial, hidden energy, present in three and a half rings at the base of the spine in a triangular bone called Sacrum, which is to feed the tree of life in us.



-“Os Sacrum” at the base of the spine.

The Latin name Os Sacrum suggests that it is a holy or divine part of the body. And the ancient Greeks were aware of this and that is why they called it Hieron Osteon.

Even the Egyptians considered this very valuable bone and gave it the status of special power. The ancients knew that there was a sacred energy in this bone.

Knowing the presence of this primordial Kundalini energy in the human body was considered by the wise and holy as the supreme knowledge.

Kundalini and the chakras have been described in detail in Vedic and Tantric texts. In the West, the sacrum bone is symbolized by the zodiac of Aquarius and the Holy Grail, which contains the water of life.

Personal realization and knowledge result in the awakening of Kundalini through the central canal, strapping the seven chakras and coming to the surface at the top of the head through the crown chakra (Fontanelle bone area) as a mild fountain of coolness.


Even the word Fontanelle means the small fountain, which again demonstrates the ancient knowledge of this phenomenon of personal realization and knowledge. FOUNTAIN symbolizes eternal life.


The Self is that unique reality, underlying the multiple phenomena of the universe and sustaining existence.

It can be compared to a cinema screen, whose reality is veiled by the images that are projected onto it, but without which the existence of the cinema is impossible.

The nature of self is consciousness, and its manifestation is vibration. As we have seen, the instrument of consciousness is our nervous system, whose evolution, from the amoeba to the human stage, leads us today to a new stage: the possibility of having access to a higher and wider consciousness level – consciousness Collectively, as did the great German psychologist G. Jung.

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