Premonitions anticipate events?

Researchers have revealed that most premonitions anticipate events about to happen in a very short time. They think that women are more prone to a premonition, or at least more prepared to admit they are endowed with this gift, but premonitions can be lived by almost anyone. Those who experience such experiences frequently can often determine the time gap between dream and reality. For example, on September 15, 1981, Barbra Garwell had a dream about the shooting of some important Middle Eastern people on a stadium. She knew that the premonition would be over 21 days and President Anwar Sadat was killed in a public commemoration on October 6.

There are other versions of the phenomenon, which appeared in a strange way. There is a theory that major events involving death can trigger mass premonitions when many of those in the affected community predict an imminent disaster or tragedy. Perhaps one of the most amazing cases of this kind has been reported at the Marble Coal mine in Port Talbot, Wales. One day in 1890, more than half of the miners in the city did not come to work because of a state of restlessness and a general sentiment. Some people even reported that there was a mirage of death from the mine. Altogether, 87 miners descended that day in the galleries, but, a major accident at the heart of the mine has made none survive. It is said that many passengers had a similar feeling, shortly before boarding the Titanic.

Charles Burwell II, a paranormal painter according to his own statement, reproduced an extremely unusual image between spring and September 2000. The painting depicted a calamity in a high-pillar town, but it gave the author a state of Such a discomfort that he left the composition unfinished. In a similar case, intelligence agencies investigated the appearance of an Egyptian calendar printed in May 2001. On the September page, the picture seemed to portray a passenger plane jostling from high-rise buildings with Manhattan background and Statue of Liberty. If apparently, some of the hijackers did not know what was going to happen, it was unlikely that the information had been given to the calendar makers.

The case at the Worlds Trade Center has made many of the premonition researchers ask for the individual experience experienced before the disaster. The British Society for Psychical Research has developed a site where, while keeping confidentiality, people can relate any experience of the World Trade Center attack, or other premonitions, even if the event has already occurred. The idea of a predictive catalog is not new. A British Premonition Bureau was originally formed in 1957. In the first year, more than 1,000 premonitions were reported, and although some visions had come true, the office was closed in just a few years. But the concept poses some interesting logical problems. His adherents say that if people were to share their ideas and the public would have been informed, some awful disasters could be avoided. If we take all the warnings into account and do not leave our home, no doubt there would be no such terrible accidents. But at the same time, we didn’t even know how accurate the premonitions were.

Many questions about the veracity of premonitions are based on logical explanations. Many experts believe that a large proportion is created by the environment, habits, the nature of people, and probability. Instinct, intuition and common sense can be as effective as mystical messages. Other theories claim that the chance gives the impression that many realistic dreams will come true, at least in part and at some point in time. Dr. Richard Wiseman has advanced a theory that if someone is dreaming about the collapse of a plane and then looks around very carefully, in a relatively short time a similar event will be reported in the press. However, flight crash experts have controversy over this issue and invoked the low number of passenger aviation incidents as a whole.

As with most mysteries, people can interpret events as they see fit, but there are some impressive cases of premonitions that cannot be challenged. And if we could be warned before such an event, then many skeptics would really be silenced.

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