Radiesthesia – the connection of man with the earth

The old story about a man with a bifurcated stick at the top looking for water is well known. Initially, he finds nothing, but as he approaches a tree, certain powers begin to pull the stick’s heel down. The man looks triumphant, feeling that his talent and technique have been recognized. But then he sees a dog rather satisfied by himself, standing beside the tree with one of his feet in the air! The process used by humans is called radiesthesia and can be used to find oil, gold, water and even golf balls. It is known as one of the oldest parapsychic powers, allowing a direct connection of man to the earth. But does the radiesthesia really work?

Throughout the centuries, radiesthesia practitioners has often felt their presence. It is said that cave drawings in Iraq and Spain depict radiesthesia practitioners working in prehistoric times, and wood engravings in the United Kingdom and ancient China illustrate the long tradition of radiesthesia. In the Middle Ages, practitioners were denigrated, being placed on the same level as witches and worshipers of the devil; Martin Luther even claimed that the radius was the devil’s work. However, history shows us that many official groups have recognized the radios. It seems that the Germans were invited to assist the British miners during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I and argued that modern military organizations often resort to their services. In all likelihood, General Pattern used the radiesthesia practitioners to find water to replace the wells destroyed by the German military forces during the Second World War. Similarly, the US Marine Infantry would have used radiesthesia to find the mines of the Vietnam War, and the British Army did the same in the war in the Falkland Islands.

The most common method used by practitioners is to go through the circle, with their instruments, the area they are looking for. These can be bifurcated branches at the end that point to the ground when the radiesist is above the job they are looking for, or, more commonly, there are two L-shaped rods made of copper, wood or wire, each held in a hand. The radiesist holds them in the palm of the longest side of L, pointed forward. When he approaches the object sought, the rods rotate in his hands and touch, forming a cross. Another way of radiosity is to use a piece of string at the end of which a crystal is bound. The pendulum swings slightly and the radiesist is thus guided to what he is looking for. But the most impressive demonstration of abilities is achieved when the radiesist is not even in the search area and simply uses its radiase technique above a map to locate an object or substance. There are some theories that try to explain why rods are moving. Some think that it is electromagnetic energy or other forces of the earth. However, the most plausible explanation is the nervous stimuli sent to the radiesist’s palms. Generally, it was admitted that the radiase phenomenon is not controlled by chemical or physical factors, but rather by the psychic abilities of the practitioner. It is said that, in time and with the help of the exercise, it can improve its abilities. There are some remarkable results obtained by experienced radiesist. In a 1995 report by Hans-Dieter Betz, a physicist at the University of Munich, it was argued that some radios had reached a 96% success rate in 691 drilling attempts to find water in Sri Lanka. Since then, the German government has sponsored 100 radiesits to find water in southern areas in southern India.

However, according to the current scientific opinion, the same results obtained by Radiesthesia can simply go by luck. Indeed, there is a multitude of high-level competitions that bring awards to radios. Thus, a one million dollar prize was set for the one who can achieve an 80% success rate in finding underground water under controlled conditions. Money has never been won….

Some radiesits still use their skills to live a good living –  Some of the most experienced are employed as advisors in drilling and mining companies to search for minerals. However, the truth is that scientists are always skeptical of phenomena they cannot explain. But, unlike other parapsychic powers, radiesthesis is an activity that at least anyone can try. And who knows, if you practice, do not forget that there is a $ 1 million check waiting to be received!

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