Terra is in danger of being attacked by intergalactic beings

Secret report of Russian intelligence: Terra is in danger of being attacked by intergalactic beings

Alien attack
Alien attack

A secret report by the Russian Armed Forces Military Committee (MSC) shows that mankind needs to prepare for an imminent attack on intergalactic beings. These beings, surnamed and lost angels, want at all costs to recover the planet and will do their best to accomplish their purpose. Even if at first glance this report seems hallucinatory, Russian specialists believe that these are interdimensional beings that have reached Terra and that in the near future will trigger the supreme attack. At first sight it seems to be what we find in the Bible under the name of Nephilim or the angels who have fallen from God. Moreover, the secret services in Russia reported that during the Second World War it intercepted several incredible conversations between the Nazi army representatives and the so-called angels of a different size.

This is an impressive one, especially if we think that these talks were about to conquer the planet, then the return of angels at home. This communication is possible today and is due to the explosion of the Tycho supernova in November 1572. Supernova exploded and an interdimensional rupture occurred, and so the lost angels, who were driven from Earth about 6000 years ago, could come in contact with humans. Interestingly, the fact that these angels were often confused with demons throughout history. From here, we can realize that the secret services in Russia have decreed the maximum alert and are trying to prevent mankind that in the future we must prepare to defend our planet. The report also mentions that these beings of another dimension are visibly involved in life on Earth. Numerous times, bizarre signs have been observed in major events. Also, the idea of the New World Order is attributed to the broken angels, which in this way prepare their ground for returning from the future.

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