The Butterfly Effect

The effect of the butterfly, a name and concept formulated by American mathematician and meteorologist Edward Norton Lorenz in 1960, defines the theory that any change, no matter how small, can lead to a major event… For example, a butterfly, which beatings in the wings can give rise to a hurricane at a very distant point of the world, or less dramatic as the turbulence of a flying plane. A small variation of the initial conditions of a nonlinear dynamic system can produce major long-term variations throughout the system, making tornadoes possible.

Essentially, butterfly effect theory tells us that a chaotic system like the meteorological one can not be anticipated more than a few days before. The presence of the butterfly in this system is far less prosaic. In fact, the name of the theory was determined by the form of the computerized model that led to its discovery.

Edward Lorenz has created a model called Strange Atractor. It is a line that alternately forms spirals around two adjacent oval. Describing the chaotic solution in a set of interrelational equations.


Edward discovered that the attractor’s form is extremely sensitive to the initial conditions. Moving its starting point only slightly in any direction, causes the drawing of another butterfly.



Let’s take a look at an example that has changed your life:


The First World War was an event that changed the course of life for all people. But what if it had never happened? Well, theoretically the result could have been disastrous, because another more devastating war could have begun.

But what if there had not been another war?

Let’s assume that The First World War or another would not have happened, and there would have been no logical World War II either. Hitler would not have come to power, more than 60 million people would not have died … As a result, according to the theory, there would have been no more conflicts in the Middle East, neither the Taliban nor al-Qaeda, nor Isis. But many say that World War I was supposed to happen, and they are probably right, this being a combination of many things. However, we can analyze a small event that, if we had an altered, could change the course of history altogether.

This small event involves a car and a wrong turn…

Well, this car carries the Austrian archduke, Franz Ferdinand. On June 28, 1914, his car was attacked with a grenade that did not reach its target but managed to hurt the passengers of another car. Later, on that day, Franz wanted to visit the injured people, but because of a driver’s mistake that had wrongly hit the street, where the 19-year-old was, Gavrilo Princip, one of those involved in the morning attack That day, he saw Franz’s car and ran to him, killing him and his wife. If the driver had not been wrong, Franz would not have been killed. Austria and Hungary would not have declared war on Serbia, Germany to declare war on Russia, followed by France and Belgium, forcing the United Kingdom to declare war on Germany, thus starting the First World War. Therefore, if Franz had not been assassinated, the First World War would not have started like this. Of course it would not have been prevented and would have begun for another reason, and the result would have been totally different, and all this would have been borne by a driver who was wrong.

Another example is this article that will influence or change your life in one way or another, which you would not have thought possible until you learned of the butterfly effect. These minutes you spent reading the article made you do not go out, and probably do not waste something bad or give you a subject to talk to your friends…

We are all here to serve a purpose in one way or another, and each of us influences the lives of others more than we think and the more you learn about it, you will soon realize that the title of this article is not a clickbait. The minutes you spent reading this article have changed your life, because unlike millions of other people, your actions today will be different. Some may be small things that may happen today or next week, but in the future your actions today can change your life, and whether you want it or not, will have a major effect on those around you.

But what does all this mean?

Well, your life is precious and is the result of billions of events that brought to life your existence and other billions of events that are going to happen in the future.

So, work on the project you always wanted to do, pick the high school or faculty you like and do not underestimate the little actions you make, because they can have a huge result not only on your life but also on those around you your.

If you ever thought your life doesn’t matter, believe me, it matters enormously!

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