The Crop Circle Mystery

The phenomenon of circles in wheat stalks is one of those we refer to as a relatively recent mystery, but such forms appear practically on fields over 3,000 years. Sometimes they can be seen on the sand, sometimes on ice and even on snow. Five thousand such geometric shapes have appeared in over 40 countries across the globe. However, man is far from understanding their meaning. Some of these signs are undoubtedly some fools, but what happens to the others? Are there messages from space, from Mother Planet, or maybe from another dimension?

Those who lived in the country, especially those who lived along energy lines and natural energy canals (ley-lines), began to look at these forms that appeared in the fields as part of rural life, some of them even witness when they were made. They said an invisible line hit the ranks at extraordinary speed, lying down on the ground. Afterward, reaching a certain point, they began to rotate clockwise, leaving the spikes perfectly aligned. Once a complete rotation has taken place, the mysterious force simply disappears. After the disappearance of those forces, no strain does not rise, without the spikes being broken, all remaining definitively on the ground.

Who and how these circles appeared in the fields is still a question that has not been answered. There are stories about UFOs and strange lights that are over the fields in the nights before the appearance of such circles in the fields. Many stories are a trickle, but it can be easily detected because the spikes are broken, as long as the straw remains whole. Many people are convinced that these occurrences are attributed to the capricious weather and air currents that form those small whirlwinds. Scientists continue to study wheat field circles, and it is hoped that a scientific and rational approach will ultimately lead to the disclosure of the truth.

Perhaps the most reasonable explanation for these phenomena is the forces of the earth. The vast majority of the most known and true circles that have appeared in wheat fields are in England, in historic sites renowned for the very strong points of natural energy. They have also been reported near the ruins of the ancient cities, funerary monuments, stone assemblies, and statues representing the deities of fertility, which suggests the proximity to British legacy traditions. Indeed, many people put all these creations upon the ancestral force of the Mother Earth…

One aspect of the circle phenomenon in wheat fields is absolutely unquestionable: the effect they have on electronic equipment. Inside the circles, absolutely everything goes crazy. The tape recorders suddenly increase their speed, after which, outside the circles, they return to normal parameters; video equipment in perfect working order degrades for no particular reason, and even the cameras record unexplained distortions of the images. A similar reaction is also on agricultural machinery. Apart from the fact that many farmers saw their harvest, the mechanical harvesting equipment did not work anywhere near the circles.

Circles also have a disturbing effect on humans. There are experts who say that after they have stepped inside, people have gone through a series of extreme emotions. Some, in some circles, felt that their physical condition and vitality improved, while others had dizziness, migraines, exaggerated fatigue and fainting. There have been cases of people with long-term illnesses who, after standing inside the stone circles, have declared that they feel a significant improvement in health, or even have healed.

The effect on animals is just as impressive. Horses and cats, in particular, become very agitated around the circles and refuse to enter them. Flocks and birds were seen crossing circles in a circular formation, while some dogs felt simply attracted to the center just to crash to the ground and fall asleep instantly.

It is regrettable that some people wanted to mislead scientists by creating false circles because this phenomenon really deserves to be studied. Unlike the rapid images of monsters, aliens, and ghosts, circles of wheat fields have a force that is still unknown. People in the country know very well that for centuries there is something in their fields that they have already got used to, but which they still don’t understand.


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