The Secret Behind the Codex Gigas, The Devil’s Bible

codex gigas
codex gigas

The secret behind Codex Gigas, as its name suggests in Latin, is the world’s largest book. It was once considered the eighth wonder of the world. It has a length of 92 cm and weighs 75 kg. This impressive book includes the Bible, ancient stories, magic cures and incantations, and healing incantations. Codex Gigas is also known as the Devil’s Bible because it contains a very strange combination of texts, but also a drawing by which Satan is represented. The book exerts an almost supernatural attraction, being coveted by the strong ones. Throughout his existence the codice inspired the fear and obsession to master him. And now this book reflects a magnetism out of the ordinary. Even though in the Middle Ages the books were made by two or three scribes, the Devil’s Bible is made by one man. But when did one man have time to write such a book? The work done for such a work is quantified in decades, and an ordinary man ages and loses the qualities required to produce a work that seems perfect. The page-by-page book is flawless, mistakes are non-existent, and details do not lack omissions. Still, the book was written by a certain man, according to the experts of today.

On page 290, a strange painting that depicts Satan has attracted the attention of the curious over time. This graphic element, made by an amateur in the opinion of specialists, is the largest drawing of the devil on the earth. The Devil is shown alone, standing with his arms up. It is drawn with only four fingers, with ghiare and horns. Fixed on the next page is paradise revealed in all its splendor. Regardless of the message that the sinful monk wanted to convey through the two drawings, one can achieve the duality in which mankind takes its place. The confrontation between good and evil is constantly around us and is so well-formed in Codex Gigas. These are the two possibilities or choices that a man has at his disposal, choosing a pathway throughout his life. The Codex Gigas remains a mysterious book, which sheds unsuspected secrets and truths about the constant confrontation between the Creator and the Devil, between good and evil. However, over time, it was thought that the mysterious codice was written under the guidance of the devil, which makes the manuscript also be called the Bible of the Devil.

A legend claims that the miraculous book was written by a condemned monk who sold his soul to the devil. The story begins in 1230, in an isolated monastery in Bohemia. In a shed cell, a monk prays for his life. By sinning, he violated a holy monastic rule. Sin is so outrageous that it is not in vain. He is one of the Benedictine monks. Also nicknamed the “black monks” due to the black groves they wear and which symbolize death to the earthly world. They made vows of poverty, chastity, obedience, and endure physical sacrifices: they wore harsh shirts, flea infested, they were fasting, not sleeping enough, and autoplagging. Only the weak were falling prey to temptation: greed, envy, sexual deviation. Punishments were extreme from isolation, starvation, excommunication, to death. Somewhere in the monastery the fate of the fallen monk was decided. He decided he must die because he broke the rules. The monk has promised the lords that if he is left a day in his life, he will write an impressive work to glorify the monastery forever. His superiors laughed, but the monk insisted that one night be left to finish his work. He is left to try, but their edict is unequivocal: if he does not finish the book, he will die. The monk wrote the page after the page until the hand numbed them, then turned to the late Satan Archangel to help him complete the work. The legend says that the demon answers the call of the monk and asks for his soul in return for his help. That’s how the book was finished.

Codic owners have been traced to a permanent curse over time. It all started with the Bohemian monastery that faced serious financial problems. The “black monks” had to sell the codices of another cult, the “white monks” or those dressed in white garments. Shortly after the “white monks” came into possession of the mysterious book, they faced a fatal epidemic, bubonic plague, and see Black Death, the terrible epidemic of the plague that depopulated Europe in 1347. Monks who keep the Devil’s Bible are devastated. A powerful bishop orders the monks to return the codices. The black plague conspires the region, making tens of thousands of casualties. In 1585, Rudolf fascinated by his predictions, discovers his inclination to esotericism and occult sciences.

Codex Gigas: the devil's Bible
Codex Gigas: the devil’s Bible

Rudolf deserves to have the codices, which are in possession of the Benedictine monastery. After several donations and favors, as a gift, the monastery offers the Devil’s Bible. Emperor Rudolf is captivated and hires experts to translate passages. Rudolf keeps codices for himself, becoming fascinated by his content. As expected, luck does not suck and the Emperor turns into an anonymous, unsociable, predictable and paranoid character. He isolates himself in his castle and forgets to carry out his duties. Incapable of driving, the emperor loses his supporters, and his own family casts him out of the throne. Eventually, the Emperor dies helplessly and unmarried. During the Thirty Years’ War of 1648, the Swedish soldiers rob the library and confiscated the most precious manuscript: the Codex Gigas. Kristina of Suiedia, is in possession of the codice. He can not keep it for too long because the queen’s fate takes a strange turn, just like the Devil’s Bible. In less than ten years, Kristina abdicated. It converts to Catholicism, planning to emigrate to Rome. Kristina packs her goods among many holy bibles, but mysteriously leaves behind Codex Gigas. Over nearly 50 years, codices are almost destroyed in a catastrophic fire. From 1649 until 2007, the manuscript was kept in the Royal Library in Stockholm, when he was transferred to the Czech Republic during an exhibition.

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