The Space Mysteries Surprised by NASA

Founded in 1958, NASA is the agency responsible for the United States public space program. Since then, it has become the largest space agency on the planet. During its history, scientists and astronauts have witnessed strange phenomena that have remained unclear yet.


The STS-115 mission was sent to space using the Atlantis missile on September 9, 2006. Several weeks later, it returned to Earth. Shortly thereafter, NASA presented the details of the mission, along with some short films and pictures. One of them aroused much agitation.

Made by astronaut Dan Broadband, using a digital camera, it surprised an undefined shape, floating through the unknown. The appearance was made as unintentional, with the only possible explanation for identifying a piece of space garbage.


Several American or Soviet programs have photographed the surface of the moon in detail. Surprisingly, after 1972, people have not set foot there. The official explanation tells us that such a trip is not cost-effective. Mysterious passionists believe that the truth is another. A lot of people made shocking statements about the artificial satellite.

Another artifact hunter on the moon is writer Richard Hoagland, who discovered a kind of giant tower on a satellite shot.

Experts say the anomaly could have high dust due to a meteorite impact, but such structures have been seen in other official photos, especially the unseen face. NASA has not commented on speculation.


On July 26, 2005, the DISCOVERY rocket was launched in space to spend two weeks orbiting the ground. The improvements made were monitored through a series of cameras installed in several areas of the shuttle and a state-of-the-art radar system. The purpose of the mission was to bring new equipment to the international space station. As a historical course, DISCOVERY is the oldest NASA service ship. Flying for the first time in 1984, she performed most of the individual flights, but the mission was copied by someone else. A strange object, performing a seemingly impossible maneuver, was surprised by an outside camera. At first, it seemed a piece of space garbage, but the way it changed its original direction suggests a kind of own intelligence …

During the recording, DISCOVERY flies in the northwest direction, located somewhere in Hawaii and California. Despite countless questions, NASA has refused to provide explanations.

An interesting thing that can be applied to all NASA’s anomalies is the disappearance of complete filming from the Internet.

On 15 September 1991, within the STS-48 mission, a video camera onboard the same DISCOVERY spacecraft followed the Earth’s horizon and transmitted live images over a television network. A space specialist, it happened to record the transmission. He caught a bright object, flying parallel to the curved horizon. At one point, a light broke out … at the same time, the object changed its transmission and disappeared into space. The original filming raised a lot of questions and was analyzed with the best available technique then.

NASA argued that the objects were ice crystals, not far from the camcorder. A physicist has shown that the theories based on these ice crystals do not resist a more careful analysis. For him seemed cleverly controlled vessels.

Until now no one has been able to find a definite explanation.


On July 9, 2016, the international space station shot a live shot when an unidentified object could be seen descending to the planet.

Suddenly, NASA interrupted the broadcast. NASAs say that transmissions are never intentionally interrupted, that everything is due to signal loss… a perfectly reasonable explanation. But the coincidences are too big to be overlooked so easily.
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