The truth about our slavery. Are we led by someone?

“The greatest resource for any human is not to control natural resources, tools, animals, or land, it is the power of control the other human beings.”

Our slavery has evolved over time. Control over humans is described as a metaphor, where farmers are big governments, billionaires, and farm animals are ordinary people.

This phenomenon that has lasted for thousands of years has been called the “Human Farm”. And he goes on to say that “some people get confused because governments provide them with medical care, education, and roads, and therefore they imagine there is some kindness from the powerful. Nothing can be more fake. Farmers offer all these things with their animals too. ”

If we study the paradox, we can ask ourselves: Why do citizens seem to have freedom on the surface, and the government seems to protect them? Do not be fooled by these “freedoms,” because farmers allow certain animal breeding freedoms, if they increase productivity and ultimately their wealth through taxes. “Our few freedoms are preserved, because they are profitable for the owners.”

Absolutely true. Sad but true. The good part for them is that many of us do not realize this, and those who do it, they are considered crazy, or they are too few to change anything.

This is the story of your enslavement, how it got to be, and how you can finally … be free

Like all animals, people wanted to dominate and exploit the resources around them. At first we only hunt, fish and eat what we were offering, but then something magical and terrible, it happened to our minds. We became unique among animals … being afraid of death and loss of the future.

And this was the beginning of a great tragedy and an even greater opportunity. When you are afraid of death, wounding and incarceration, you become controllable and so … valuable, in a way that no other resource can be. The greatest resource for any person to control is not natural resources or tools, animals or land, but other people. You can scare an animal, because the animals are covered with fear of pain for the moment. But you can not scare an animal with fear of jail or torture because the animals have a weak sense of tomorrow. You can not threaten a cow with torture or a sheep with death. You can not threaten a tree to produce more fruit. You can not get more eggs threatening a chicken, but you can make a man give you his eggs when you threaten him.

This “cultivation of people” has been the most profitable and destructive occupation throughout history and now reaches the ultimate climax. Human society can not be reasonably understood until it is clearly seen: a series of farms whereby some people take advantage of others’ lives. Some people get confused because the government offers access to health, water, education, and roads, and they think that part of the taxes off work is going on. Nothing can be more distant from reality. Farmers provide nursing, irrigation and training to the people they own. Some people are confused because some freedoms are allowed, and some imagine that the government protects our freedom. But farmers cultivate their people at certain distances to increase yield. And they will allow some people larger homes and land if it means producing more. In your country, the “taxing farm” your cultivator guarantees certain freedoms not because they care about freedom, but because they want to increase profits. Do you begin to see the nature of the cage where you were born?

There have been four major phases in human cultivation.

The first phase was in ancient Egypt, it was a direct and brutal constraint. People’s bodies were controlled, but the productive creativity of the human mind remained under the whip, fist, and beating power. The slaves were terribly unproductive and needed enormous resources to control them.

The second phase was the “Roman Model” in which slaves were guaranteed some freedom. Ingeniousness and creativity, which has increased productivity. This increased the wealth of Rome, and brought taxes to the Roman government with so much wealth, the Roman Empire was formed. Destroying the economic liberties that fed power … and disintegrating. I’m sure this does not seem totally unknown.

After the disintegration of Rome, the feudal model introduced the concept of owner and taxation. Instead of being directly ruled, the peasants worked the land that they retained as long as the local shipowners were paying. This pattern broke down due to the continuous subdivision of the earth and was destroyed during reunion movements when land was gathered and hundreds of thousands of peasants were banished from the ancestral land due to new cultivation techniques that offered larger farms with less people.

Increased productivity in the medieval era has created excess food for the expansion of cities and localities. What gave birth to the Democratic People’s Leadership Model. Being displaced, the peasants flooded cities becoming a huge and cheap human resource for the industrial era, and the leading class of human farmers quickly realized they could make money by letting people choose their occupation.

Care about these moments! For these moments of life are those in which you have options and go so fast! When you are a teenager, you think you can do anything and you can: At 20 you are in the mist. At 30 you grow up your family and make some money thinking about yourself. “What happened to my years?” At 40, your belly grows a bit, and it increases your throat! Music starts to sound too loud, One of her high school girlfriends becomes grandmother. At 50, you have a little surgery. You tell him a procedure, but it’s an operation. At 60, you have a major surgery, music is getting louder but it does not matter because you have not heard any good anyway! At 70, you and your wife are retiring to a farm. You start eating dinner at two o’clock. Take your lunch at 10 and a little one a night before. You spend most of the time looking through the shops looking for the last type of yogurt Asking “Why my childrens aren’t calling me?” At about age 80, you have a major attack and end up staring in front of a color nurse who does not suffer her wife, but you call her “Mother”

Do you have any questions?

Few moments of freedom are preserved because they are profitable for your masters. The great challenge of the democratic model is that it brings wealth and freedom, which threatens the sovereignty of farmers. Leadership classes initially take advantage of the relative liberty of the capital market and the labor market. But their human possessions become more worn out of freedom and wealth, so they start wondering why they need “leaders.” Ah … Okay … No one said it was easy to be a cultivator of people! Being able to keep taxing at safe odds of the lead class is a three-phase process.

The first is to indoctrinate young people through education provided by the government. The wealth of democratic states has increased, so government education can control the thoughts and souls of young people.

The second phase is to make the citizens argue with each other. By creating income dependency it is very difficult to drive people directly with force. And where it can be done, everything remains unproductive. As observed in North Korea, people do not reproduce well or do not produce efficiently in captivity. Ah, but if human beings think they are “free” then they will produce more for their masters. The best way to keep this illusion of freedom is to put something on the farmer’s salary. Those cattle that become dependent on the existing hierarchy will attack any other beast that wants to rebel, the hypocrisy and the immorality of the people. Freedom is slavery … and slavery is freedom if you can make the cattle attack each other.

Whenever someone tries to tell the reality of the situation then you do not have to pay as much as when you control them directly. These cattle that become dependent on the date of the cultivator will be violently opposed to any question about the virtue of Real Freedom and intellectual and artistic classes, will always become dependent on the farmer and will keep part by saying something to those who want freedom:

“We will hurt you dear cows”

The third phase is to invent continuous external threats so scared cattle beg for the protection of farm leaders. The human cultivation system approaches the end of the population. The terrible tragedies of Western modern economics have not happened for the reasons that are presented to us, but because of the past economic freedoms. The massive increase in the wealth of the West during the 19th century resulted from economic liberties. And this increased in wealth that fed the size of state power.

Whenever people became exponentially more productive, you found a corresponding increase in the number of farmers and their dependents. State growth is always proportional to the precedent of economic growth. Economic growth creates wealth, and wealth attracts more thieves and parasitic politicians whose greed to destroy economic freedoms.

In other words, freedom is a cancer metastasis of the state. The government that begins with the smallest will end with the highest. That is why it can not be a sustainable and viable alternative to a truly free and peaceful society at the same time: a society without political rules, without people holding people, without the violence of taxation and localization. To be truly free is also very easy and very difficult. We avoided the horror of our own slavery because it is too painful to see it live. We danced around the endless violence of the deadly system because we are afraid of the attack of our own fellow citizens. But all we do is keep ourselves in cages that we refuse to see.


To see a farm you have to leave it.

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