The truth between science, religion and parapsychology

Today we talk about a very interesting subject: the truth between science, religion and parapsychology.

Science, religion and parapsychology are three ways, three different disciplines that study the same field: knowledge. This is the first reason why they should help, associate and complement each other and do nothing to categorically exclude them, considering themselves to be incompatible.

The incompatibility between them was created unjustifiably by human ignorance in the process of knowing. A famous example is the Galileo Galilei who was placed under house arrest until he died, on the order of the Christian Church, because he had the courage to say a great astronomical truth (that the earth is rotating) misunderstood by the representations of the religion of the Middle Ages.

But religion also categorically rejected parapsychology, confusing it with spiritualism, without realizing that prophecies, levitation, phantom appearances, and healing by putting hands on the sick, etc., described in the Bible as divine gifts, were actually “Precognies” ,”levitations”, ”materializations”, ”dematerializations”, ”bioenergy therapy” etc., phenomena that parapsychology deals with and which science has already recognized as ‘real’ ‘, trying to find their explanation.

Interestingly, while science in many cases of insufficient knowledge of reality has denied religion, and some scientists (Voltaire, Cioran) were convinced atheists, as religion denies some phenomena and scientific discoveries, never, In the history of mankind, parapsychology has not denied religion and divinity, and all, parapsychologists, have all been convinced of the existence of God, even if some, conscious or not, serve satanism, whose evil energies are used in occult practices. For now.

In fact, religion and science are not guilty of their reciprocal rejection and parapsychology’s non-acceptance by both, but their exponents, out of ignorance, of the lack of knowledge of some truths that seemed and still seem to many people as impossible.

Parapsychologists, gifted with hypersensitivity can not accept both science and religion because they “feel” both scientific truths and God’s “sure” existence. Those who deny divinity are not parapsychologists because they are unable to “feel” their existence.

The words of the famous I C. Maxwell remain immortal: ” Little science departs from Religion; A lot of science gets us closer to it’’

The great contemporary scientific discoveries have made nobody want to accept the doctrines of religion and the concept of “Believe and do not research”. After the reinforcement of Darwin’s evolutionism in the last century and Karl Marx’s dialectical atheist materialism, which in the communist block represented the basic doctrine of all sciences, the division of religion and science grew even more.

Not finding/by missing the “soul” in organs, tissues and cells, science began searching for the structure of molecules and atoms. Willing to put their hands on the electrons that according to their number form the chemical elements have found that they are only a mass of charged energy with negative electricity.

The electron is therefore not the matter itself but the energy. They went further by the theoretical isolation of many microparticles, up to the “quarks”, whose existence they deduced from the calculations after their trasient manifestations. They went even further to the isolation of antimatter microparticles and concluded that they would never be able to isolate or even cope with the smallest particle of matter actually in the form of a wave or energy in vibration.

But at the level of these microparticles where is the matter? They remembered the statements of the scientist Gustav Le-Bon: ‘matter is concentrated energy, and energy is dissociated matter’’.

Researchers have discovered that what is going on in the ”small infinite” (microcosm) is the almost exact reproduction of what is happening in the ” big infinity ” (macrocosm), the atom being, according to the astrophysicists, just like the solar system, and the gaps between its elements, proportionally speaking, are as immense as those of intersider spaces.

This analogy between the macrocosm and the microcosm that exists and works, contrary to the “entropy” laws, very intelligent and exact for billions of years, has forced the researchers to deep meditation. This way they came to the theoretical, but unambiguous conclusion that if beyond the structure is the energy in the form of vibrating waves, it means that beyond the energy is the information, that is the intelligence that has organized the energy and the matter, and beyond the information must be God, that is, the one who holds the information, is the intelligence with which he has created and maintains and organizes the energy and the matter.

In this way, the researchers were forced to accept God based on the results of their research, hoping to be able to prove the opposite, that is, the absence of the Divinity. So, after thorough research, science not only didn’t go away, but from the point of view, it came closer than ever to religion. And he will always come near!

Knowledge, with all the scientific research in the future, will remain limited, unable to penetrate beyond sub-quantum space, unable to get too close to God. Why? Because the law of limiting the knowledge of the Creator to His creation is necessarily a universal law that we will present in another article.

Religion still looks with much distrust of science and parapsychology. As though in this world there would not be all, absolutely everything, including God’s science and parapsychology, the works of His intelligence. This situation has led F. Betex, the inflamed defender of the Divinity, to say: “How would be if traditional theology should finally give up on the chapter that ever deny, end with its own contradictions and propose to offer to people a Christian conception of the world and of nature, a concept that is explicit, based on science, history and truth? ”

We believe that religion has no reason to fear about science and parapsychology, since it confirms and supports, since all the great scientists believe in God and above all, since no Physical phenomenon, Mathematical, chemical, astronomical, botanical, anatomical, physical, psychic, parapsychological or other, we can not demonstrate scientifically that there is no God. Moreover, their profound deepening instead of moving away, approaching God, religion…

Parapsychology and science, studying paranormal phenomena and things that human perceptions do not understand, through their experiments on these frontiers of science, religion and paranormality, come to confirm the Bible on the existence and correct interpretation of the soul and the Divinity.

Regarding the human body, parapsychology works with three bodies: physical, energetic (etheric) and soul. The energy body (etheric) envelops the physical as a tire, which is actually formed of several envelopes called fields or energy bodies, viewed, classified and described by ” hypersensitive humans ”. This energetic (etheric) body, which can be partially photographed (aura) by electronics, according to the well-known Kirilian technique, we will thoroughly present it with all its envelopes and characters in another article, on reincarnation.

The soul, called by most of the authors ‘’the spirit’’, and by another astral body, corresponds to a superior super engineering structure, inaccessible to scientific or parapsychological investigations. That is why Professor W. Tiller, head of the Department of Material Science of Standford Unversity, believes that the energies of the soul could operate at superlative speeds of the order of 1010 to 1020 times the speed of light. Although some authors assert that the soul has already been photographed, we can not say for sure that, for now, parapsychology only operates with “manifestations” under various forms of the energetic and less likely souls of the soul.

Parapsychology is truly a science of great relevance and importance that no one else complains. In present, parapsychological research uses methods and techniques in any other science, judging and interpreting the results.

Therefore, in connection with these techniques, usually reserved to those endowed, it does not matter the form and the technique itself, but with whom and with whom it is worked, with “evil” energies or “beneficial” energies with “health” ” or ” Divinity ”. Since Divinity is very difficult to approach, by very few (consecrated) people, quite rarely, for some beneficial purposes, it causes most wizards to turn to “spiritism”, satanism.

Moreover, many parapsychological techniques and phenomena are confused with religious ones, we need to consider that in most cases their energy source is the same, being represented by forms of divine cosmic energy, belonging to the Creator.

The truth is that the Church has been unable to properly pronounce ” for ” or ” against ” a paranormal or even scientific phenomenon. That is how Giordano Bruno, Galileo Galilei, Copernicus, Ioana d’Arc, etc. were condemned unjustly.

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