Theories about sinking Titanic

Titanic was the world’s largest cruise ship when it left on its inaugural journey from Southampton, England to New York City on April 10, 1912.

There is no person at this time who does not know about the Titanic incident of 1912, which resulted in about 1,500 deaths. There are countless sinking theories, including the possibility of the sinking ship being actually the Olympic, the ship almost identical to the Titanic, the change taking place at the last moment, or perhaps the ship owner John Morgan has set everything up to get rid of certain people who put them Threatening businesses. The accepted variant was the accident, the collision with an iceberg at 11:40 pm on April 14, 1912.

In this article I will present you the top 4 theories of conspiracy about the sinking of the Titanic:


It is a highly known theory mainly due to the fact that White Star Line does not sanctify its ships before the inauguration. In the manufacture of the vessel, he received the number 390904, which reflects the words “no pope”. Because of the religious conflicts of that time, it is believed that the sinking of the Titanic is related to the anti-Catholicism that was shown during the ship’s appearance.


The movement link represents the joints between certain materials, meant to allow some movement in case of natural calamities, in order not to destroy the structure. In his 1955 book entitled “A Night to Remember” Walter Lord, describes the Titanic as being perfectly perpendicular to the final fragmentation. But the researchers found that the angle at which the structure was made is impossible to be greater than 11 degrees. Apparently, these structures were part of the superstructure and were not linked to the central body of the ship, they simply broke out after the rupture of the main body and had an impact on the final result.


These are special doors that must be between the compartments of a ship, as if the water infiltrates somewhere, only the compartment is flooded. The theory says the doors should be left open for the huge ship to be in balance. In this case, the ship will still sink, but it will take a little more mute and maintaining its vertical position would be able to evacuate the passengers a rescue crew. This theory seems to be false since those anti-water doors did not even exist, so the situation could not be influenced at the time. Researchers’ results show that regardless of the partition of the compartments, once the boiler room number 4 has been flooded, it is inevitable that the vessel will overturn.


Certain conspiracy theorists believe that sinking was not an accident but a sabotage to eliminate the people who opposed the Federal Reserve Bank project. This theory suggests that the 74-year-old owner, John Morgan, arranged the incident. Morgan, dubbed “Napoleon on Wall Street,” had a big contribution to the aforementioned bank business. He was the owner of the international navigation company that included White Star Line, so obviously the Titanic. The original had a ticket to the Titanic, but at the last minute it canceled everything and remained in a luxury Aix-les-Bains resort.

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