Time gates, a reality of failed experiments?

Time gates are a subject that is very much written about. It is said that they were created with the technological development and the key elements that underlie these portals between the world are the experiments carried out in the last decades.

Henry Deacon, the specialist who wants to unravel the mystery

Henry Deacon is an American scientist who is also known for his attitude and position toward technology developed in black projects, the colonization of Mars, the climate weapons and demographic control, the phenomenon called the gates of the stars.

According to his opinion, technology has created cracks at the space-time level. These tears have opened the way for undesirable things or entities that are dangerous to our existence. He himself has worked for some time in such projects where the technology used far exceeds what is officially known.

He claims that in military-industrial projects, physics and computer science are in advance for several decades, compared to what is known.

Henry Deacon was one of the participants in laboratory tests. In specially designed locations, gigantic terabyte batteries were used.

In one of the experiments, a 300 billion-liter laser was struck that hit a 0.5-millimeter point containing deuterium and tritium. This experiment resulted in a space-time crack.

Timeline loops

Henry Deacon brought back the Montauk experiment, which caused a break in time, impossible to repair. The experiment was conducted in Manhattan, New York, near Long Island Island.

The project aimed to experiment with a system that would allow people to become invisible, to open space-time gates, and to get in touch with other civilizations.

To understand time, you have to accept the existence of parallel realities. Every reality has its own characteristics and behaves according to its own laws, says Deacon.

In 2012, NASA representatives have publicly accepted the existence of time gates. It is difficult for these gates to be detected because they open for a few fractions of a second, then they close and appear in another place.

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