What is our Universe made of?

About of what the universe is made of, more and more scientists, physicists and astronomers become convinced of its component trilogy (information, energy, matter) and the primacy of Information, from which the other two components, matter and energy were created from it.

Physicist Jean Guitton, a member of the French Academy, states: “Physicists have come to the conclusion that the substrate of the primordial field (the fundamental reality) has nothing material, meaning it has neither substance nor energy but is just the information alone. Primary fundamental fields are pure information that generates quantum existences … Processes that govern the universe at the level of the ” information network ” are beyond the quantum, that is, in the depth of the sub-quantum.

There everything seems to be prepared, organized to allow the appearance of matter, then of life and finally of consciousness. In conclusion, according to this scientist, the material universe was created from the ” Primordial Information Field ” which further coordinates this Universe through processes beyond the quantum, meaning imperceptible to man.

At first it was the Information, still incapable of being humanly approached, but accepted by more and more scientists, followed by the Energy, which formed from Information in the Big Bang.

In 1922 Alexander Friedmann conceived the model of the expanding universe.

In 1948, in Cambridge, the theory of Big Bang and the expansion of the universe was launched by Thomas Gold, Herman Bondi and Fred Hoyle.

In 1953 the Big Bang was standardized by G. Gamow, R. Alpher and R. Herman, and in the following years it was confirmed by at least six proven scientific evidence.

It has already been calculated the age of the Big Bang, 15 billion years ago, when the explosion of that enormous amount of energy (which was forced to expand and transform into matter through cooling and condensation) simultaneously gave birth to the actual Universe with the matter, space and time. Before Big Bang there was no matter, there was no space or time.

There have been imagined all kinds of universe models, of which two models have remained popular:

1) The universe in eternal expansion and 2) The universe in cyclical expansion with a duration of the inflating cycle of 104-200 billion years, followed by a Big-Crunch, that is, a contraction, a collapse, which by implosion, in itself, will bring the current Universe to nonexistence, to the Pure Information that generated the Big Bang.

Tiller further demonstrated the possibility of parallel universes. In which one, a three-dimensional universe took place a movement at lower speeds than the speed of light and another one multi-dimensional, sub-quantum universe where the movement was carried out at super-light speeds.

After the antiparticle has been highlighted, of the antimatter, was issued by Nobel Prize laureate physicist Andrei Sakharov, the hypothesis of the existence of a universe of antimatter that exists in parallel and in balance with our material universe.

With all these hypotheses, it has finally come to the sad conclusion that physics cannot explain the initial moment of the appearance of the Unviers because it can only reach up to 10 to 43 seconds after creation where it strikes the famous Planck wall, ‘Beyond which the mystery remains totally because science is so incapable – as the famous Planck physicist has shown – to explain the behavior of atoms in the conditions in which the force of gravity becomes extreme, as it was obligatory in the tiny universe from the beginning, when matter haven’t already appeared.

Consequently, it was concluded that the smallest particle individualized by man until the present would be “quarks” beyond which there would be no more energy, but only something immaterial designated by physics under the name ”field”. Quarks don’t behave like particles but are provisional manifestations of immaterial fields. So here it is, without queries, this quantum physics demonstrates the intimate genetic link between spirit and matter.

Louis de Broglie demonstrated that matter is also wave, that is vibration, and W. Heisenberg concludes that “… energy becomes matter in the form of an elementary particle, and all elementary particles are made up of the same substrate, namely energy”

This author, like the others, has understood the complementarity between the particle (matter) and the wave (energy) aspects within the unique universal existence, generated and coordinated by information.

Among these, David Bohm, the Nobel prize winner, asserts with scientific conviction that “beyond the quantum level exists the under-quantum level,” “the current quantum universe comes from an eternally creative source located beyond space and time, that is beyond the quantum level, in the deep and inaccessible reality of the sub-quantum level, where the perfect order is hidden.

So, American scientist Edward Fredkin consider the “information” above energy and matter, having the primordial and impulse function of the entire cosmic existence.

J.D. Barrow, professor of astronomy at the University of Sussex (England), concludes: “… we must recognize the existence of a rationality that goes beyond the material universe.” According to the same author, the oldest remains from the beginning of our solar system are 4.6 billion years old, and the oldest fossil bacteria on Earth have three billion years. So, if the age of the universe, calculated from the date of the Big Bang to the present is 15 billion years, the age of our solar system is much smaller, only 4.6-5 billion years, which shows us that was formed much later, 10 billion years after/from Big Bang.

The first signs of life on Terra came much later. After studying some rocks in Greenland, researchers at Maryland University in the US reported in 1978 that they had clues about the existence of some primitive forms of life on Terra about 3.8 billion years ago, which is in line with the allegations to Asimov, after which there were microscopic forms of life or only amino acids on Earth, when Earth was only 1 billion years old, (about 3.6 million years ago).

Until 1978, 50 molecules of various organic compounds were identified in the galactic space, with up to 11 atoms of different elements of each. Found: water, alcohol, hydrogen cyanide and isocyanic acid, etc. in interstellar clouds. These organic substances, according to the astrophysicist Fr. Hoyle, could generate amino acid molecules, which, in the opinion of another astrophysicist, C. Wickramasinghe, could continue to form microorganisms.

Treating the same subject Asimov is more concrete. After him, the Earth is 4.6 billion years old, and the first signs of life occurred about 3.6 billion years ago, through chemical reactions that formed the amino acid molecules.

After Asimov, on Earth the plants appeared 325,000,000 years ago, the mammals 180 million years ago, the order of the primates appeared 75,000,000 years ago, the first hominid 8,000,000 years ago, and the homo sapiens 600,000 years ago. 5,000 years ago the writing was invented, followed by the written history of mankind.

According to the same author, Asimov, the first amino acids or spores (of cells) could come to Earth from other planets with interstellar dust. In conclusion, life could appear on Earth or be brought from other parts of the Universe.

Only with regard to the date of the first hominids on Earth, most contemporary authors appreciate it 1,5-2 million years ago. Though these differences are big, they are not important.

Meanwhile, scientists have been able to synthesize more organic substances in the laboratory, including simple amino acids. But DNA synthesis has not yet succeeded, and the question arises as to how it has arisen, because this nucleus of acid, through its genetic information, is a key moment in the emergence and evolution of life. It should be mentioned that by genetic mutations (accidental or guided) at the level of DNA, subjects with new characters, possibly new species, may appear in certain special conditions.

The question that scientists now ask is the essence of life, “something” that occurs with the cell at the time of passing the dead matter into living matter. What factor allowed the first cell to appear in the universe?

Because the cell means life, and life means permanent intelligent communication both within the system (cell), between the system and the surrounding environment. The life of an organism means permanent intelligent communication between all the parts of each cell, communication between the cells and systems of that body, as well as a permanent communication of the organism with the environment.

Life means much more intelligence, which manifests itself through self-preservation, a phenomenon that makes the transition from the law of entropy, specific to the dead matter, to negentropy, to the specific matter of life. This passage was possible only with the transition from elemental intelligence fixed in dead matter (in the atom) to complex intelligence, integrating the cellular system and the body.

Life is so intelligent and complex that it remains a mystery. Life seems to be something in the matter. Matter seems to be just the vessel in which the energy of life is poured. In this sense, we think that life is a form of essentially informational energy, of the consubstantial nature of the original source. The whole universe is a vast informational system organized by precise laws.

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