What is the Matrix?

Several philosophers explored the idea, that our “reality” from every day would be, in fact, an illusion.

What is it based on? You will ask (some of you, those who doubt, those who are already convinced that our daily reality is just a technologically created illusion will, of course, have other feelings in hearing the news that a famous Oxford scholar confirms.)

It’s a hypothesis – really dazzling, but only a hypothesis. And the assumptions, however appealing to some and already bothersome reality of the Universe created by atoms, do not hold back the facts.

We see a part of the Matrix in areas of government, army, medicine, finance, media, academic and religious education. These institutions build our belief system and our way of life. Their hidden architects can be secret societies, elites’ bloodlines, corporate unions, international bankers, government expert councils, and undercover military networks.

Some people call the dark government, Illuminati or the New World Order. This social-political machinery is what many consider to be the Matrix. But in this reality, these things only make up the outer aspects of the Matrix, the easiest to see, to be studied, and credible. These are just the branches, while the roots extend deep into the alien occult area and the hyperdimensional lands.

To transcend the Matrix, we must understand the parts of the control system that originate beyond the political level of the conspiracy, this being the only way in which a huge spiritual warfare has turned against us. These deeper components include, in the first place, the central brain of the Matrix Control System known by the ancients as the Demiurge.

The Demiurge is said to be the soul of the Universe. It is the comprehensive energy field that projects matter, energy, space and time at the quantum level. Demiurge is a non-physical artificial intelligence that, in its original and correct form, modeled materiality according to the divine wish.

It has just escaped from the divine framework and has become a parasite over her corner of Creation, which is the universe we find ourselves now. The Demiurge has set up this universe in a deterministic and cold machine, a construction that perpetuates the illusion of linear time that tortures us further without respect to the conscience of its inhabitants and which forces them to live by the law of the jungle.

These spiritually suffocating conditions are what allow the Matrix Control System to exist. These lead to a way of life that favors serving one’s own interests to the detriment of others. What was supposed to be a feeding nourishment, a matrix of growth for the evolution of consciousness through physical experience, instead acquired the spectrum of a spiritual prison.

The second component of the Matrix includes all non-physical beings who resembled the Demiurgist. In a land of limited resources, there will be those who have developed their competition, predation, and survival in a high class. Such beings are spiritually dead and separated from the divine. (In their minds) They look at the living, as we are, as a source of energy and fun.

The strongest, whom the Gnostics call the Archons, can be regarded as Corpus Demiurgus servants. Here on earth they are at the forefront of a network of negative entities that grow us on farms for the energy of our soul. This network includes demons, parasitic thoughts generated by human suffering and perversity, as well as ghosts working in the service of demons. They are all non-physical predators who are wandering around us and instigating human suffering with every opportunity, especially to feed on the energy released by the soul. They are the ones who feed on energy, mind manipulators and torturers who play on our fingers if we do not see them. They can create synchronicities to mislead, create strange accidents and illnesses, introduce foreign thoughts and emotions into us during low consciousness, and may induce schizoid symptoms in the vulnerable people.

The fourth component is our own biology, which is largely a product of alien genetic engineering along the eons. Our bodies have been designed in a way that our perception is limited to only five physical senses, so our instincts are especially those of the body and the ego. It’s no trick to perceive the physical world but everything changes when you connect with the spiritual world. By default, chances are already met in favor of the Matrix Control System. We only perceive just how we stare around the cattle farm but not too much to find a loophole.

The fifth component consists of programmed humans through which extraterrestrials, demons and thought forms can act. People who do not have conscious control over themselves are open to someone else’s control, momentary or permanent. Almost anyone is likely to be influenced at the moment when he is not careful. This includes friends, family, neighbors, business colleagues, politicians, writers or celebrities. Those who are completely emptied or profoundly programmed are permanent agents of the Matrix. They function as applaudes employed by the control system or as ambulances of the alien agenda. Or they act as background characters that support the status quo. Together, these components create a framework of control that exists all around us and within us all the time.

What is the Matrix finally?
It is all the forces and mechanisms that are meant to keep us asleep spiritually. Why is history going on again? Why can not mankind be able to act united to put an end to physical, financial and spiritual slavery? Perhaps this is because each tried solution failed to deal with those fundamental human weaknesses. Until these critical issues are overcome, the change will remain superficial because the old problems will continue to emerge.

The first weakness is that our perception is limited to the five senses. Because we are not able to see beyond the material universe, we are deluded to behave according to this vision, behaving like animals or cars, though in our essence we are spirits. We are also blind and we can not see our occult enemies and non-physical control structures and the energies they engage.

Like an iceberg, most of the Matrix Control System is hidden from view. For this reason, people are like puppets handled by invisible strings. Sooner or later, humanity has to develop its powers of clairvoyance. By means of an adequate esoteric training, it will become possible to achieve miraculous healings, remote viewing, self-protection, perceiving and removing etheric parasites, precognition, telekinesia, probability influence, telepathy and rapid detection of saboteurs.

Only through a superior guidance system that transcends logic and physical perception we can ever hope to escape from the cages of conformism. Mind and heart, reason and intuition, intellect and spirit, need to work together, because they are not enough alone. This is the first and most important key to transcend the Matrix Control System.


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