What was inside in the Big Bang before it exploded?

What Is the Big Bang Theory?

Big Bang is the best theory of how the Universe was created. This theory asserts that our Universe has its origins in a single original point of incredibly great, extraordinarily hot density, also called singularity. As strange as it may seem, the theory argues that all matter in the universe was created at the time of the Big Bang in that concentrated point, smaller billions of times than a proton. After the matter was created, the Universe began its expansion.

This event took place, according to the physicists’ calculations, 13.7 billion years ago. In support of this theory astronomers’ observations help us with some informations: on the one hand, it was found that observable galaxies are going farther away from the Milky Way, indicating an expanding Universe, on the other hand there is cosmic background radiation present throughout the Universe, what is believed to have occurred right after the Big Bang.

The general framework of the Big Bang theory is based on Einstein’s general theory of relativity and was established by Russian physicist Alexander Friedmann. In 1929, American astronomer Edwin Hubble discovered that the other galaxies are moving away from our galaxy, which also means that these galaxies have been close in the past. When cosmic background radiation was discovered in 1964, Big Bang theory crystallized.

Who called this theory ‘’Big Bang’’?

Ironically, the Big Bang name for this cosmological theory comes from an opponent of it, British astronomer Fred Hoyle, who, in 1949, in a radio show deplored this daring theory for that time, the theory that explains the birth of universe.

Is the universe infinite?

Though enormous, the Universe can not be infinite. Having a determinable start and knowing its rate of expansion, we know for sure and how stretched it is. The edge of the universe is at a distance of 13.7 billion years multiplied with the speed of light (300,000 km / s) from the starting point. What is beyond the edge of the Universe? Unable to say. We know what it is not: space and time, which are the characteristics of the universe. Part of the Universe, even equipped with intelligence, are unable to think of what is beyond the Universe.

What was inside the Big Bang before it exploded?

There are many theories about it. I will introduce you three of them and my opinion about this question.

Model 1: The universe has appeared from nothing.

Vilenkin mentioned that if we were to begin with a small balloon of the universe, two things could happen. If it was large enough, it could suffer an exponential growth, similar to what happened to our Universe in the early moments after the Big Bang. If he was too small, he would have collapsed.

This is the moment when things become strange. Quantum mechanics predicts all sorts of strange things, including half-dead / half-life cats or the possibility of teleportation.

Model 2: The universe was born of itself.

In 1998, J. Richard Gott and Li Xin Li, both at Princeton University, proposed a model in which the Universe emerged from what can be described as a time machine. Gott and Li have shown that it is possible to solve Einstein’s equations of general relativity theory in such a way that a universe has begun to evolve into a continuous loop and that this loop might serve as a trunk of tree that sprouts, thus giving birth to our own universe. And because an image makes more than a thousand words, we reproduce below their own image of this theoretical concept.

Model 3: This is not the first universe.

For a long time, cosmologists have argued that the Universe might eventually collapse in itself. Then, in 1998, two teams of researchers discovered the dark energy that caused an accelerated expansion of the universe, showing that previous assumptions were wrong. You can also remind yourself that these people won the Nobel Prize for their discovery in 2011.

Even the astronomical observations show that our universe will not collapse under its own weight, there is ultimately an attraction to this image of the Universe. If the Universe somehow collapses, then perhaps what really happens is that it is experiencing a series of expansions and contractions everlasting. Our universe, in this case, is just one of an infinite series of universes.

My opinion

Space was created when the universe was, because that is mostly what the universe consists of. How could there be anything in space before that space was created?

Before the universe was created, before our space and time was created, there were things inside of this non-existent space-time that caused the creation of it?

That is like asking what created your refrigerator…Well, you see there was a big ball of energy inside the refrigerator before it existed, it was just lying inside of the refrigerator in the vegetable bin, and this is what created the refrigerator.

Please put all of that out of your mind and come into reality.

There was nothing inside of the universe or inside of the Big Bang that caused the universe. There can be nothing inside of anything that does not yet exist. How could something that does not yet exist, contain things that do exist? That is just silly. Yet you will find physicists actually teaching this stuff today.

You see, there was a primeval atom of infinite density lying somewhere out in the universe. It went off, call this an explosion or implosion or whatever you wish…..but this is what created the universe because it started to expand. Note that this primeval atom existed in the universe before the universe existed.

Here is your logical answer: whatever created this universe came from somewhere out side it. This is the only possibility.

And this was a major force because we know this: Newton’s first law of motion— sometimes referred to as the law of inertia—An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.

Today, we can see the universe in motion and watch it expand.

But what was this force coming from outside our universe that caused this motion? It was a HUGE force. And we can call it quantum mechanics, God or anything you wish.


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